Sunday, 28 September 2014

Week five and six

Sorry for those who looked for the post last week I had no internet last Sunday.

I went to Toowoomba last Saturday last week. I had a lovely time catching up with Family and friends. I froze, I should have known it would have been cold It is always cold. Growing up we lived at Murphy's Creek and we always had to take an extra jumper or jacket as it would always be colder in Toowoomba. I went to Toowoomba to see Ashley as he moved there.

I had a lovely time catching up with friends I hadn't seen for about four years. Spent a lovely but very cold day in the park o Monday with my friend Christine listening to jazz music and enjoying all the flowers. What a lovely day, I used to do that all the time with Christine when I used to live in Toowoomba. Christine's husband plays in a Jazz quartet.

I was driving back to from the Temple on Wednesday and was thinking to myself that I could be a city Girl. I was driving by a big block of apartments thinking that I could be happy living in a place like that in the city. As a child I always wanted to live in Sydney. I think as I got older I like the more quiet life. I could get used to the city life. I don't know if I could ever get used to the traffic though. It would be nice to go to a show or to a concert. The city always has something happening. I like that. To be close to everything is nice too.

The shops are so different in the city too compared to Hervey Bay. Woolworths has a sushi bar and Coles has a cafe inside the stores. They are different. Just some of the things they stock are different. I have even noticed that with Big W and Target they stock different things.

Haven't been up to too much. I work in the Temple go to the shops, mostly to get dinner and then go to my room and sleep. Weeks have been going by so quickly. I do really enjoy being in the Temple. I love feeling of the spirit there. The work of the Lord is so important.

My Aunty Pat passed away this week. She was a beautiful person who I loved. We were always sending time with her and my Grandmother. I loved her. Till we meet again Aunty Pat.

Have a lovely week everyone.  

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