Sunday, 28 September 2014

Week five and six

Sorry for those who looked for the post last week I had no internet last Sunday.

I went to Toowoomba last Saturday last week. I had a lovely time catching up with Family and friends. I froze, I should have known it would have been cold It is always cold. Growing up we lived at Murphy's Creek and we always had to take an extra jumper or jacket as it would always be colder in Toowoomba. I went to Toowoomba to see Ashley as he moved there.

I had a lovely time catching up with friends I hadn't seen for about four years. Spent a lovely but very cold day in the park o Monday with my friend Christine listening to jazz music and enjoying all the flowers. What a lovely day, I used to do that all the time with Christine when I used to live in Toowoomba. Christine's husband plays in a Jazz quartet.

I was driving back to from the Temple on Wednesday and was thinking to myself that I could be a city Girl. I was driving by a big block of apartments thinking that I could be happy living in a place like that in the city. As a child I always wanted to live in Sydney. I think as I got older I like the more quiet life. I could get used to the city life. I don't know if I could ever get used to the traffic though. It would be nice to go to a show or to a concert. The city always has something happening. I like that. To be close to everything is nice too.

The shops are so different in the city too compared to Hervey Bay. Woolworths has a sushi bar and Coles has a cafe inside the stores. They are different. Just some of the things they stock are different. I have even noticed that with Big W and Target they stock different things.

Haven't been up to too much. I work in the Temple go to the shops, mostly to get dinner and then go to my room and sleep. Weeks have been going by so quickly. I do really enjoy being in the Temple. I love feeling of the spirit there. The work of the Lord is so important.

My Aunty Pat passed away this week. She was a beautiful person who I loved. We were always sending time with her and my Grandmother. I loved her. Till we meet again Aunty Pat.

Have a lovely week everyone.  

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Week 4

Hi All,

A few friends have phoned me this week and it has been nice to chat with them and catch up. I miss all my friends and it was nice to speak with them this week.

Shouted myself to the movies this week to see the movie 'If I Stay' This movie made me think about alot of things. The main character was involved in a car accident with the rest of her family. She is seventeen and has her whole life in front of her. She had to make the choice whether or not she would go back and live her life without her immediate family. She wanted to go with her family but realized that life was worth living and she had to live.  Life is so precious and we have to live each day as though it is our last. Make the most of each day. Not go and do something spectacular each day or we would never do again. Life is not easy but we just need to remember that we are never alone and we can do our best each day. Just live each day and remember each minute of our life here on earth is a gift and we are here to experience this life and to live each and every day with no regrets and to live it to the best of our ability at the time. Good movie go and see it if you have that chance.

I have had a lovely week in the Temple this week. On Wednesday I went to the temple with a friend who hadn't been for years that was a special day to go and spend that time with her doing an endowment session. The Temple is such a nice place to go and feel of the spirit. It is so peaceful.

I have met so many people at that Temple who have had connections with my Mother. A few Sisters grew up with her in the same ward and another Sister knew my parents in Campbelltown Ward I remember that family, their son was the same age as me.

I went to see my friend Kathy who I have known since we were 10. We have been through alot together. I hadn't seen her for about 8 years. Spoken with her a few times but hadn't actually seen her for about 8 yrs. It was nice to see her and her kids grown up now and her Mum. If I wasn't at her place as a kid she was at my place. Then as adults she was always living at my place with her kids.

I have been listening to classical music this week. Can't get enough of it. I would stear clear of classical. Wasn't really interested in it. I am an 80's girl and love the 80's music. Now I can't get enough of the classical music. Just love it. I have been listening to Bach, Vivaldi and Handles water music and today Chopin. Love them all. They are so relaxing. Just love it.

I was driving through the City on Saturday night listening to Vivaldi Four Seasons and seeing all the city lights haven't seen anything like it in such a long time. I was trying to drive and all I wanted to do was look around and view all the lights. Lights just sparkling over everything. Everything was lit up with lights. It was such a distraction, it took every effort to keep my eyes on the road. You all know how I love things that sparkle, now this was a whole city that was sparkling.

Have a great week my Friends and remember to make the most of each day. Live it to the best of your ability. We can always find something positive in each and every day.
Love you all

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Week Three

Moved place this week. Moved from Underwood to Indooroopilly. A lot nicer area to live. Moved in with a lovely older lady in her 70's. I am grateful for the roof over my head.

I have been busy this week working in the Temple every day. Another lovely week working in the Temple. I was passed off two different things this week. I love the spirit in the Temple but the people who work there are still just people.

I have been doing my daily running/walking each day. It is very hilly where I am living and it gives me a good workout. Got a lovely view of the city through a street on the top of the hill this week. It was still dark and the city was all lit up. It certainly is a different view than Hervey Bay. I will try and get a picture one morning.

Went for another walk to Southbank and found the Cinema. It is one street back from Southbank. I will have to shout myself to the movies one day. It is nice to walk along the river and to see all the action on the river.

I would like to thank all my friends for the love and support they have given me. They encourage me to keep going. I love them dearly Thank  you.


Sunday, 31 August 2014

Week Two

Hi all

Another week in Brisbane has gone by.
Had a very busy week this week. Spent the first couple of days exploring shops. Not spending any money though. Just looking. Had a lovely day on Monday spent some time with Amanda was nice to see her. She drove me over to Manly where she lives and drove around Wynum right near the beach. Beautiful place reminds me of Hervey Bay. Lovely little shops and around each corner an op shop. We just drove through that day. I would love to come back and explore the place and do some shopping.

Had three beautiful days in the Temple. I love the spirit in the temple. You walk in those doors and forget what is outside for a short time. I spent my first day in the Temple as an ordinance worker Wednesday being kept very busy. I had to do some study for the different ordinances. Just going over certain words. I did Baptisms, sealing and finished the day with some cleaning. Love the temple. The workers are so encouraging and helpful. They have made me feel very welcome. I went in on Thursday to work wasn't as eventful as Wednesday but everyday in the Temple is beautiful. Friday I went in and just did two endowments.  

Still not liking this traffic. Went across to Chermside on Saturday this week and got lost took three wrong turns not good. Several days this week just being in the wrong lane I went the wrong way. Don't like driving in Brisbane. Coming back from Indooroopilly I got stuck in peak hour traffic went 3km in one hour. It took me a couple of hours to get back. Don't like it.

What else did I get up to this week. Went for another walk over to South bank. I tried to find the cinema just so I would know where it is but couldn't find it. Someone told me you can watch a movie there for $5. Took a photo of the view from Kangaroo Point on the way down and then back up. It is a hike to get back up all those steps they are very steep.

Had a lovely day on the Sunshine Coast in Kawana on Saturday. It was all about the Parable of the ten Virgins. I was asked to be one of the ten virgins where we were all asked to present a gift to the Sisters. Each gift can help us to fill our lamps with oil. I did a short talk about the gift of friends. My Friends are a very important to me they are my family. The gift of a friend is an important gift we never want to be alone. Thank you to all my beautiful friends who have helped me through and encouraged me the last few weeks, I love you.

Here is a photo of all the sisters from Hervey Bay. I love them dearly.

This really spoke to me when I read it this week.

When the night is dark
and the clouds are thick,
we have the opportunity 
to put our hand in the Lord's hand
and rely on Him
to help us through.
Elder Larry W Gibbons

This is the only way we get through some things is to let our Heavenly Father help us get through each and every day. Just liked this when I read it. It is so true our Heavenly Father is there for us always and he will help us with whatever we are going through. We can rely on him, he loves us. At the same time we have to do all we can as well. He is there to guide us and we can follow him.

Love you all
Have a great week
Kym xoxoxo

Sunday, 24 August 2014

First week in Brisbane

This week has been full of emotions for me. I have left a place that I loved and felt so welcomed. Hervey Bay will always be in my heart. This is a big change for me, so much has happened this year and I need to try and embrace this change. My life has been turned upside down for the better. Things that are for the better are always tough. Tough things always make us stronger.

A quote I read today was "It wasn't raining when Noah built the Arc. First comes the test of Faith then comes the miracle" Thomas S Monson

That is what I am waiting for.

I had a lovely walk in the rain on Friday. I walked from Kangaroo Point to Southbank, might have to get myself an umbrella. It was nice walking by the river. I will have to have a trip on the river cat (I think that is what it is called) one day. I haven't ever been on the river. I am looking forward to exploring Brisbane. Went to the Art gallery, enjoyed that so much. Was thinking of you Leanne while I was looking at some of the art I thought you would like. I will do that more often now I am here in Brisbane. Whenever I would come to Brisbane when the boys were younger we would always visit the Art gallery.  They always enjoyed going to the museum which is next door to the art gallery, we would always go there first. I thought I would go to the museum another day. Didn't want to do everything in one day. I will definitely walk round to Southbank at least once a week. I enjoyed the walk.

Finding it hard driving in Brisbane. Not used to all the traffic. Fast paced in Brisbane not like the slow pace of Hrevey Bay. I would try to avoid Boat Harbour Drive in Hervey Bay and now I am driving on the motorway each day, don't like it. I will have to learn to like it. Went past a terrible accident this week on the motorway. If there were drivers in the back seat they didn't survive. The whole back end was all squashed so was the front. There was someone in the drivers seat, they would have had to be cut out. I am terrified of being in an accident like that. Even the careful drivers are the victims of accidents.

I got lost today Sunday  near South Bank was driving around and around. Think I went there the long way. Brisbane is way too busy for me and when you are not in the right lane you can easily miss the turn and can't always just turn around have to go a fair distance to get to where you can turn or have to go way out of your way to get to where you are going. Was trying to get back to the motorway and missed the turnoff so had to go quite a distance away to get to where I was going.

I am also not used to hearing non stop cars on the highway at night. I don't know if I will ever get used to hearing the cars racing by as I sleep. It one place I lived in Hervey Bay I would hear the water splashing on the beach. Such a soothing sound. Cars not so soothing.

I will be carrying my camera everywhere I go, so I will try and have a photo each week.

Have a great week everyone.
Love you all here from Brisbane
Kym xoxo